The fabric of the Agile brain


Is there a way of buil­ding the com­mon brain of an Agile team? To un­der­stand it bet­ter I went through an ima­gi­nary trip around all Scrum ce­re­mo­nies, from the be­gin­ning of a new pro­duct to its. Let’s walk it to­get­her. So there’s the start of the pro­ject. Here are the Product Owner, the Scrum Master and […]

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The brain of an Agile team


I re­mem­ber that some time ago I was in a city, so­mew­here in Romania. It was mor­ning, I was at the ho­tel, being a bit late for a meet­ing. So I left half of my bre­ak­fast un­fi­nis­hed and I hur­ried through the lobby, which was unex­pectedly empty. You pro­ba­bly know the fee­ling of those mor­nings […]

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